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How to hire a Sex Crime Lawyer

If you have reached this site, you are looking for a sex crime attorney
Here is what you need to know

The Internet is full of misleading advertisements.  There are many lawyer referral services like Findlaw,, Avvo and others.  When you put in a search term on Google, Bing or some other search engine, your computer will come up with page after page of lawyer advertisements.  On that page, at the top,the first three ads are paid ads where lawyers pay for placement.  They may not even be attorneys with offices in the city or town where you are charged.  They are “pay for click” advertisements.  Placement has nothing to do with competency, skill, reputation or ability.  
On Google, on the right, are more lawyers paying for placement.  Also on the first page are all of the lawyer referral services where individual lawyers and firms pay a fee to be included in the service.  Almost all lawyers now have web pages.  The yellow pages are a thing of the past.  Finding a good lawyer, the best lawyer for your particular kind of case, the best lawyer for your location and one you can afford is a challenging task and you need to know what to ask and what to look for.  In many respects it is like finding the best doctor for your ailment, and one you can afford.

Should I use the Public Defender?

If you were gravely ill with a life threating sickness, would you go to the public health clinic?  True, you may get a fine doctor, but top quality doctors rarely work in public health clinics.  Generally public defenders are overworked and underpaid and handle hundreds of cases at a time.  You can “take a number” and get in line and take your chances on getting one with experience or go find and choose your own private lawyer.  When your entire life is at stake, your future, your reputation, it is not a time to scrimp.  Do you want to jump out of a plane with the cheapest parachute you can find?

How do I find the best criminal defense lawyer?
There is no such thing

The real question is “who would be best for me”.  It depends on the type of case.  Some lawyers tend to be a jack of all trades taking all types of cases.  Think twice about that.  Sometimes, you want a lawyer who has been before your Court many times, but, sometimes, if your case is unpopular, maybe not.  Sometimes, if your case has to be negotiated, you want a lawyer who has been a prosecutor in that County and knows everyone but sometimes that can be a mistake if the case has to be vigorously fought attacking the prosecution.  Generally, you want experience on your side. 

Is the lawyer mature? 

How long has he been doing it? 

What is his reputation? 

Does he impress you?

 Is this the lawyer I want standing beside me in Court? 

Did he return your call? Did you talk with him personally?
Most importantly, is he or she the one who will actually represent you? 

Many lawyers run referral services where they sign you up and send you to another lawyer.  In these lawyer “mills” you will be shuffled off to someone else you never even called.

Go meet the lawyer….Sit…Talk… Make your own decision
You are putting your life in someone’s hands

Ask the lawyer if he will be personally handling the case?  Ask about his experience as a defense lawyer.  Many criminal defense lawyers were prosecutors before becoming defense lawyers.  How long has the lawyer been defending criminal cases?  How many cases like yours has he handled?  Does he seem to know the law?  Did he try and scare you to run up the fee?  Was the lawyer honest in telling you your chances or was he telling you what you wanted to hear?  Go sit with the lawyer.  Most do not charge for an initial consultation.
Hiring a lawyer should not be based on advertising alone.  It is an important decision and you really need to examine qualifications, experience and reputation.  Take your time.  Compare qualifications and history and most importantly, Find the one that would be best for your case

All Lawyers are not created equal
Call today for a free consultation…….Compare us with the others


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