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Indecent Exposure and Lewd Acts

An arrest or conviction for indecent exposure can be embarrassing and tarnish your reputation and affect your employment.  Police regularly arrest gay men at public parks, public beaches and public facilities often as a result of entrapment techniques.  Even if consensual acts are committed out of site, and with the intention of privacy, an improper arrest may occur. There is still prejudice against homosexuals when it comes to law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

I am not here to judge you, I am here to help you

Sexual preference should not make a difference under the law, but in reality, it does.  Some macho law enforcement officers make a point of harassing and persecuting and prosecuting gay or bisexual men and women.  My mission is to demand and get equality under the law.  The constitution is for the protection of all citizens regardless of sexual preference.

Lewd and Lascivious Acts in the presence of a minor

An arrest or a conviction for a felony offense under this law is serious and can land you in State prison

The offense does not have to involve a nonconsensual touching or another person.  Masturbation or a sex act in the presence of a child is enough.  Under the law, it is not even necessary that the child comprehend what is happening.  An indecent exposure, flashing, in the presence of a minor can result in a felony arrestand prosecution.  There have even been prosecutions of adults for engaging in sex in public.

Many prosecutions involve the Internet, Sex Stings and Child pornography

Successful Sex Crime Defense is no Accident

When your future is at stake, do you want a public defender?

The offense may seem minor to you now, but in the future, when you are looking for a job or applying for a sensitive position, a conviction for even a sex crime misdemeanor could make a huge difference.  Using a public defender is similar to going to the public health clinic.  You may or may not get good competent representation.  Why take the chance?  Experience counts when it comes to sex crime defense.  Forty years defending Sex Charges in Florida

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