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Sex Sting Lawyer Peter Aiken on the truth about Internet Sex Stings

Internet Solicitation of a Minor

Internet sex stings happen weekly in Florida

Hundreds of men are arrested and accused of being potential pedophiles for supposedly soliciting children over the Internet or with smartphones.  They are often charged with traveling to meet a minor for sex or transmission of indecent images.  Most of these so called crimes are actually created by the police running sophisticated Internet sex stings.  The police regularly entrap unsuspecting men who had no intention of having contact with a minor.  The consequences of a conviction are horrible and State prison is called for under the Florida Sentencing Guidelines

The Sex Sting Lawyer

Peter Aiken has handled over thirty sex sting cases in the last few years in Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Seminole, Lake and Orange County.  Read his blog and learn the truth about how these stings are conducted.  He has been representing victims of these stings as far back as the TV show “To catch a predator”.  Not all criminal defense lawyers have experience with these types of cases.  If you are speaking with a defense attorney, demand a list of the sex sting clients he has actually represented.  Demand to see the lawyer’s actual results. Many lawyers claim to have sex sting experience.  Few actually do.


There are defenses to Sex Sting cases

There may be a good defense to your case.  Police entrapment is one of the most common.  The police may have violated the law or ICAC standards and procedures.  The police may have searched your home, your computer or your telephone without a search warrant.  The police may have illegally accessed your computer with a secret program.  The police may have tricked you into a confession.  The police may have lied about the age of the chatter or sent a photograph of an adult to lure and seduce you.

When your life is at stake…..Experience, Knowledge and Dedication Counts

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As a former Federal Agent and Federal Prosecutor Peter Aiken also handles in both the State and Federal Courts involving interstate solicitation and travel