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Every sex crime charge is serious. But when a juvenile faces a charge of rape or lewd molestation or some other sex crime, experienced legal representation is essential. Your child’s entire future can rest on the outcome. He or she could be labeled as a registered sex offender.

Your Child's Future Is At Stake

Attorney Peter Aiken is a strong advocate for juveniles who are accused of sex crimes. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and determined to help his clients minimize the worst consequences of the charges they face in juvenile court.
Do not let a mistake ruin your child's future. Contact us for a free consultation with our experienced Fort Myers juvenile sex crimes attorneys.

Mr. Aiken defends juveniles and students accused of sex crimes such as:

•    Sexual battery
•    Sexual assault and rape 
•    Date rape
•    Improper touching
•    Sexting
•    Sex crimes against younger children 
•    Lewd behavior or lascivious conduct 
•    And all other all
eged sex crimes

"Sexting" Is a Sex Crime

Teens who send inappropriate pictures on their cell phones, or “sexting,” can be charged with a sex crime. If they send pictures by e-mail, they can even be charged with child pornography. Your child could become a registered sex offender for life. This is very serious and you should not wait to obtain an attorney.

Representing Your Child With Sensitivity and Compassion

In a case involving a juvenile in a sex crime, jail or juvenile detention is not the answer. Rather, Peter Aiken will look for other ways to resolve the case. Often, these involve working with a psychologist to identify the underlying mental issues so that your child can get needed treatment counseling, or medication. Some sex crimes are the result of mental illness. Jail or incarceration is not the best solution.
Your child's future is important to Peter Aiken. He will work diligently to resolve your child's case in a positive manner.

Rehabilitation, Not Punishment

In Florida, courts favor rehabilitative solutions in juvenile crime cases whenever possible. Peter Aiken has extensive experience working with prosecutors and the courts to obtain alternative sentencing outcomes in all juvenile sex crime cases. These can involve treatment, counseling, probation, community service, home detention, or some combination of alternative solutions.

Peter Aiken will use his experience and knowledge to protect your child’s future as well as his or her educational and career options. Avoiding registration as a sex offender is always a top priority.

Free Consultation With a Florida Defense Lawyer — Sexting Charges
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