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Florida Prostitution and Human Trafficking Defense Lawyers
Aggressive law enforcement stings are on the rise in Fort Myers and Punta Gorda. Undercover police officers posing as hookers flag down drivers and often entrap men into solicitation situations. Male officers go on Craig’s List and Facebook in an attempt to engage women into sex for money situations.

Charged With Prostitution or Solicitation?

Peter Aiken has over 40 years experience in sex crimes defense. He is not here to judge you but rather to defend you. He will aggressively defend your good name and reputation in negotiating with prosecutors or at trial if necessary. The number one goal is to get the case dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. If a sex crime trial is necessary, Peter Aiken will use his experience and trial skills and leave no stone unturned in your defense.

Were You Entrapped?

Were you approached by an undercover officer? Who first mentioned sex? Who initiated a discussion about money? You may have been lured or enticed into doing something you would never do. That is police entrapment.
Contact us for a free consultation with an experienced Florida prostitution and solicitation lawyer. Call 239-334-8890 today. Defense Attorney Peter Aiken will review the facts and law with you and explain your legal options.

Craig's List and Facebook Solicitations

Police now engage in chat with people in an attempt to lure them into sex for money discussions. If you have been charged with internet solicitation or actual prostitution call 941-366-3506 today and explore your defenses with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

Prosecutors have now focused on human trafficking, particularly in Southwest Florida. If you have been accused of forcing someone to work against their will through actual force or even threats, you may face human trafficking charges. Illegal immigrants can obtain a witness visa and stay in the country for years simply by making themselves a witness in a human trafficking case. Human trafficking does not have to involve sex. The penalties in Federal Court are severe. 

If you are under investigation or have been arrested in human trafficking, call Sarasota 941-366-3506  Lee 239-334-8890  Charlotte  941-366-3506 today.