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Sexual Battery

Sexual battery is another word for nonconsensual sex

Forcible Rape is one form of sexual battery.  It usually involves some degree of force to overcome resistance and takes the form of some physical violence or threat of violence with a weapon.  Under the law, no means no, and if a woman at any point says stop, a further sexual act may result in a later prosecution.  There does not have to be actual penetration and oral sex can result in an arrest and prosecution.  Forced participation in oral sex (a blow job) can land a person in just as much trouble.  A husband can be charged with raping his wife and cultural differences can lead to a misunderstanding of the law.  Timely investigation by experienced investigators at the direction of a good sex crime lawyer may undercover facts to defeat a false allegation.  Women, sometimes regret engaging in consensual sex and out of guilt unfairly blame their sex partners.  Cheating married women who get caught often blame their new partner.  A consensual loss of virginity can result in a rape allegation.  Women in therapy, often years later, in their mind envision that what they did was not their fault and falsely accuse former partners.  I have defended men charged ten and twenty years later of crimes with teenage girls decades before when they were underage.

Date rape Drugs and Alcohol

Sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs can result in false charges.

There is a fine line beyond which criminal charges can be filed.

A person who is drunk, intoxicated or under the influence of pot, pills, or some other drug is under the law incapable of consent.  Often, both partners are drunk, stoned or out of it. Later the next day, in a moment of regret, the woman may not take responsibility for her own actions and with regret and remorse blame the man for what happened.  There are cases where men slip date rape drugs into drinks or ply a woman with alcohol to the point of incoherence.  For thirty years, Peter Aiken has defended false accusations of rape and sexual battery.  Successful defense is not an accident and years of experience do make a difference in winning sex charges.

A conviction will put you in prison and on the Sex offender registry

When your life and future is at stake, go with experience and a proven track record.  Call today           to speak with Peter Aiken about your problem.  We may be able to help