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Aggressively Defending Sex Crime Charges for:


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Student Sex Crimes

If your child is under investigation or charged with a sex crime as a result of something said or done at middle school, high school or college, call today for a free consultation.  It is not uncommon for maturing children, not fully understanding the consequences, to act out and offend other kids, their teachers and parents.  We live in a sex charged environment and children imitating what they see on TV can do things that will scar their lives forever.


Sending or receiving naked or suggestive pictures or videos can get your child charged with child pornography.  We see on television reports of students being arrested and charged with crimes committed with their cell phones, tablets, Apples and laptops.  These Internet based sex offenses can result in your son or daughter being arrested and taken into custody by juvenile authorities and prosecution in the juvenile justice system.  A felony arrest can and will ruin their future before it starts.  Peter Aiken, an experienced sex crime lawyer is also a grand father who has compassion for the challenges facing modern parents.  You have to understand how children think, or in most cases, don’t think to defend successfully inappropriate and suggestive emails, texts and communications.

Your child accused of touching a younger child?

If another parent, the school or the police contact you and want to interview your son or daughter, call my office immediately.  The police want and need a confession to make their case.  Children have constitutional rights but seldom understand Miranda warnings and make admissions to things the police could never prove.  Lawyer up immediately.  It can make the difference between an arrest and staying free.  There is no shame in getting legal help.

You son accused of having sex with another juvenile?

Teenagers have sex, a fact of life….But it may be illegal

It is not uncommon for teenagers to experiment with sex and engage in sex.  Most of the rock videos underplay and degrade the consequences of unlawful sex with a minor.  Girls, fourteen, fifteen and sixteen are often the ones doing the luring, seducing and enticing and your teenage son can find himself in hot water by engaging in what he thought was consensual sex.  If the police or school officials call or visit, do not let your child make a statement before talking to an experienced sex crime lawyer.

Drinking, smoking pot and using pills can lead to unwanted sex crime arrests and prosecutions

We all want what is best for our children.  Teaching them a lesson by letting them get arrested is never in their best interest.  Protect your child’s future and reputation and get him or her quality legal representation.  Peter Aiken, Sean O’Halloran and Andrew Banyai are all fathers and understand the challenges faced by parents in our modern society.

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