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When your life and your future is at stake…..Experience Counts

A sex crime conviction will change your life forever.  If you are facing prison, sex offender probation and sex offender registration hiring an experienced sex crime lawyer may be the most important decision you make.  Not all criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience in defending sex crimes like Internet solicitation, traveling to meet a minor, sexual battery, and date rape.  A false accusation by a former partner, a schoolmate, or worse yet, a minor can result in your arrest and your life being destroyed forever.  Do not wait until you are arrested.  Do not try and talk your way out of it.  What you say will be used against you.

Compare Qualifications and experience when hiring a lawyer

Peter Aiken is a seasoned criminal trial attorney with over thirty years experience representing the falsely accused in both the State and Federal Courts.  He regularly defends doctors, lawyers, teachers, clergy, students and professionals from a variety of sex crime allegations like child pornography, sexual battery, Internet solicitation and molestation.  He is regularly contacted for second opinions and assists other attorneys in defending sex crimes.

Do not wait until you are arrested or formally charged

 If you have been contacted by law enforcement, have had your home searched or your computer seized, contact my office now.  If an ex wife, a family member or someone else has accused you of molesting a relative, do not wait for law enforcement to knock on your door.  We may be able to keep you from being arrested or charged.  Thorough investigation, preparation and aggressive representation may result in your charges being dropped or better yet, no crime being charged and no arrest being made.  A false sex crime allegation can cost you your job and damage your reputation forever.

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